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Multispectral Imaging Service

In the pursuit of various preservation, conservation, documentation, and reproduction goals, a cultural heritage institution may wish to apply high-resolution multi-spectral imaging techniques to selected objects in its collections.  Acquiring a system to accomplish this task may require a capital budget expenditure, additional staffing, staff training, and space allocations.  
MegaVision provides a multi-spectral imaging service which can eliminate these requirements.  This service is an ideal way to apply the technology to selected objects, to explore its more broad application, and to evaluate the technology for possible purchase or lease.
With this service, MegaVision will evaluate the institution’s requirements, assess its resources, and propose an appropriate level of service and equipment to satisfy the requirements.  MegaVision can provide a basic EurekaVision multi-spectral imaging system, together with an expert operator, at an affordable daily rate. 
The expert operator understands the sensitive requirements of cultural heritage institutions and the importance of the imaging that is performed.  Experienced as a photographer as well as an imager, the operator contributes significantly to establishing appropriate layout, optics, lighting, and exposure, guaranteeing that the captured data is highly meaningful, referenced to independent standards, and has the highest signal/noise possible.

Image data that is captured in conjunction with this service is provided to the client.  The data may be saved to appropriate media provided by the client or supplied by MegaVision. Processing, handling, and archiving the data are at the discretion of the client.  Alternatively, MegaVision can provide these services.
MegaVision can additionally arrange for optional scientific investigation and metadata development services though an expert team of independent scientific, data processing, and image processing experts. 

In order to assure meaningful and high quality data, a number of topics should be assessed prior to providing the service.
Some of the questions that will be considered in conjunction with providing this service are:

What type, size, and quantity of objects are desired to be imaged?  MegaVision can help the client decide what is appropriate, set expectations, and clarify limitations.

What resources are available at the imaging site?
Environmental: light, temperature, humidity, power
Copy stand
Photo equipment: light stands, tripods, and grip.
Imaging on floor or in studio
Computer resources including systems, monitors, transportable hard drives, Networking, and image evaluation software.

What are the imaging requirements: visible, UV, IR?
What are the imaging goals?
What are the conservation and preservation goals?
What are the reproduction goals?

MegaVision would be delighted to discuss these and other questions you will no doubt have. Please do not hesitate to contact us.