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Dead Sea Scrolls Project passes a significant milestone

JERUSALEM, Israel, December 2012 - MegaVision’s multi-year Dead Sea Scroll project passes a significant milestone with the announcement by the Israel Antiquities Authority and Google that the multi-spectral Scroll images captured by MegaVision’s EV system are now available for public access at the IAA official website:

MegaVision began working with the Dead Sea Scrolls over three years ago. The first Scroll images captured with MegaVision’s EV system were sufficiently compelling as to end the multi-year search by the Israel Antiquities Authority for the world’s best multi-spectral imaging technology; a technology that would not only reveal the hidden text buried beneath black layers of age, but also provide the world’s most accurate and repeatable color images. The EV system’s accuracy and repeatability provides conservators a long sought tool to monitor the condition of the Scrolls over time. Minute change will be detected by the EV system long before change can be detected by the human eye, enabling corrective measures to be taken before damage occurs.

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PUBLISHED: November 1st, 2014
Lunder Center for the Conservation of the Dead Sea Scrolls

New App Puts Dead Scrolls on iPhone and iPad
PUBLISHED: November 20th, 2014 By: Jewish Press Staff
The Dead Sea Scrolls are now available on iPhone and iPad, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced Thursday with the launch of its first App featuring archaeology games and puzzles for kids. The App transforms a kid’s iPhone or iPad into an archaeological tool and lets them play games to hone their skills, discover secret meanings, solve puzzles, and piece the past together like true archaeologists. Along the way, they unlock ancient artifacts and create their own personal collection.


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