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MegaVision Three-Pass Color Wheel

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 1 - MegaVision announced today that its three-pass color wheel has been thoroughly updated for use on the E Series monochrome camera backs.

The capture devices are not a traditional three-pass design with internally integrated red, green, and blue (R-G-B) filtering. They're traditional single-pass monochrome designs with an added modular feature that can shoot three-pass color using the available color wheel.

The color wheel is traditionally stocked with Wratten 25A Red, 58 Green, 47B Blue, and a fourth filter aperture for focus, but any filter set can be installed for special image capture, such as detection and quantification of fluorescence.

The MegaVision color wheel may be used on any of its E Series camera backs of 11, 16, 39, and 50 megapixels.

MegaVision has integrated Photoshoot capture software with an external, USB-powered filter wheel and control of the Schneider Electronic Shutter to provide artifact-free capture of static scenes.

The three-pass capture allows perfect filtering of every pixel on red, green, and blue layers for superb rendering for all images. With correct filtering for every pixel on every layer, it is not necessary to diffuse the image, resulting in better sharpness and more detailed transitions to highlight.

Instead of the low saturation colorants used by Bayer designs to keep ISO high, MegaVision cameras use 25A, 58, and 47B filters--sharp, cutting filters for critical color rendering.

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