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Gospels of Vercelli: The Earliest Surviving Manuscript of the Old Latin Gospels (Circa 350 CE)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., August 2014: In July, 2014, Ken Boydston, CEO, traveled to Vercelli, Italy, to assist in the imaging of the Gospels of Vercelli using the MegaVision Multispectral Imaging system. This trip was part of the Lazarus Project managed by Gregory Heyworth of the University of Mississippi, and included Roger Easton of the Rochester Institute of Technology, Keith Knox of the Air Force Research Lab of Maui in Hawaii, Dale Knox, Damianos Kastotakis (Saint Catherine's Monastery) and Liz Bondi, a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

The Codex Vercellensis is the earliest surviving manuscript of the old Latin Gospels. The order of the gospels in this Codex is Matthew, John, Luke and Mark, and consist of 634 pages of thin parchment, much in degraded condition. These fragile pages were digitized as 20,000 multispectral images by the MegaVision system.

This undertaking was reported, among other publications, in the Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican. This report can be viewed in the PDF below. The English translation can be found below the report in Italian, starting on page 3. If the PDF does not display on the page, it can be viewed here.

Further information on the Vercelli Gospels:

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