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MegaVision Ophthalmology Technology

MegaVision serves the Ophthalmology community through advanced retinal imaging technology, protocol specific cameras, and personalized service and support. Our low noise, high resolution CCD sensors and imaging systems are used extensively by leading ophthalmologists, retinal specialists and ophthalmic photographers in both clinical and research environments. MegaVision camera backs are used widely and improve mydriatic and non mydriatic imaging and fluorescein angiography with low noise designs, electronic shutters that replace mechanical shutters, compact packages, monochrome and color sensors and a wide variety of sensor configurations to cover every resolution requirement.

MegaVision is the leader in providing protocol-specific retinal camera technology. For example, by working closely with the Joslin Diabetes Center and affiliated institutes and clinics, MegaVision has developed camera systems specifically addressing the need for characterizing the retina of patients with diabetic retinopathy. The combination of MegaVision’s image sensor and color processing technology with the clinical protocol developed at Joslin enables high quality fundus photography for patients with diabetes at a wide variety of locations including Joslin clinics, military bases, remote Hawaiian health clinics and clinics supported by Indian Health Services. These protocol specific solutions deliver image clarity with reduced light levels. The high sensitivity, low noise, non mydriatic design allows a more relaxed imaging environment for the patient including the elimination of drug-induced dilation or mydriasis of the patient’s iris. The imager’s task is also simplified and throughput increased by the elimination of eye drops and their potential complications, by better images on first try and by better access to peripheral retinal fields through the use of minimal light levels and subsequent reduction in miosis.

MegaVision has been developing, providing and supporting retinal cameras for our clients since the late 90’s. We believe in developing a close personal relationship with our clients so that we can meet their needs as well as the needs of their patients. Out of these relationships, we have developed programs such as our Peace-of-Mind package to assure our clients of proper maintenance, calibration and warranty coverage so that they can focus on their patients and not on the equipment. Our mission is to help our clients help their patients so that together we can reach the goal of “Maintaining Sight for Life”.