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Photographer Statements

MegaVision products are based on photographers' craftsmanship and experience. It is important for a professional photographer like me that I use a highly reliable and easy to use system. With MegaVision I have that. For example, with the MegavVision color coded light-meter I can calibrate to my needs. I'm able to produce to papers with the density range I need.

Another advantage of MegaVision is a more professional look. MegaVision cameras are compatible to most camera ccccsystems, so I can use my technical camera as well as my Bronica, Mamiya, or Hasselblad.

In combination with OQO I also have the advantage of a very big monitor, and I have a complete computer always by my side. With the digital Zone-system taught by Richard Chang, based on Ansel Adams' ideas, and with MegaVision camera backs, I have a tool for high quality images.

Bernd Radtke
Studio 9
Aachen, Germany

I have been using Megavision cameras since 1996. The Megavision T2 was my first digital back and got me started in the world of Digital Photography. The reasons I chose Megavision over other brands were: customer service, quality of the image and equipment, reliability, ease of use, and price. I knew that if there were ever any issues with my camera, Megavision would lend a hand and be there to fix them. I never got that feeling from any of the other manufacturers.

In the 13 years that we have been shooting Digital Photography with Megavision digital backs the equipment has never let us down. Megavison backs are rock solid! And the quality of image and color obtained is amazing. Also, the PhotoShoot software that drives the cameras makes our workflow seamless.

I have owned 4 Megavision cameras/backs in the last 13 years and we use one every day to create killer images for our clients.

Christopher Zsarnay
Z Studios Photography
Ventura, California

I have been a professional photographer for the last 30 years, and Megavision cameras and support have been paramount in my success. At one time or another I have tried the other digital cameras and found them to be lacking compared to the quality I get with Megavision.

Just try and get some personal support when you're up against the wall on a shoot and your equipment is malfunctioning! Megavision support has always been there for me with the right answers to get me back up and running. The cameras over the years have just been getting better and better. But most of all the quality of the equipment and service has never been compromised.

I still have one of their cameras from 14 years ago and it produces about half of my work. How many companies' equipment can you say that about? I am thoroughly sold on Megavision and the people who work there. I have benefited financially from their commitment to making the best product out there.

Richard Salas
ASK Photography, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA