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Developing Intentions

MegaVision's capture application, Photoshoot 4, is designed around the concept of a developing intention. An intention can be defined as an aim or purpose, and in the Photoshoot concept it can be used as is, or it can be changed to a different intention. RAW files allow the user to develop or transform the camera's luminance capture into a processed image-- usually .tif or .jpg, or .psd if Photoshop is used to transform to processed. The nature of a RAW file allows various transformations to be realized, for different renderings on different targets.

Most digital capture reports cannot alter the picture on the back of the camera according to a development intention. The equipment wasn't designed to allow the photographer the flexibility to try different RAW translations on the back of the camera. Generally, the camera will allow only one jpg based histogram. The histogram may not contain enough information to be truly helpful.

MegaVision encourages the photographer to use computers in the studio and in the field. With the use of a computer, the photographer can select a proper capture application. Photoshoot 4 capture application allows controlling the camera and the digital emulsion by using the MegaVision Color Coded Light Metering to see how the developing intention fits on the target the photographer loads into Photoshoot's meter function.

Photoshoot 4 allows the user to select any transformation that can be imagined, and it displays the selected intention's rendering.

DNG files are produced for subsequent translation with Photoshoot or any other Adobe DNG compliant translator.

The truth of an image, like beauty, is in the eye of the professional beholder. With MegaVision's Photoshoot 4, the photographer can create images that reflect the developing intention. That's our developing intention.

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