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Why Choose MegaVision?

Why choose MegaVision? Because for the professional photographer the MegaVision approach is unique and worth considering.

The MegaVision philosophy for making pictures is somewhat different than other digital capture companies. Photography is not a simple skill. MegaVision designs cameras and software that the photographer controls. The goal is the image rendering as intended so an audience can perceive the photographic vision. With experience and skill, it's a practical process to make great pictures with the MegaVision capture application.

MegaVision's approach is based on making the number of tones in a picture match the number that a target can render. The digital implementation of this approach was pioneered by MegaVision in 1987 and termed 'Measured Photography'. Prior to that, Ansel Adams used his Zone System. The Adam's system suggests that making emotive images requires that the target be considered when making pictures.

Of primary consideration is the use of a computer to digitally process image information at the capture station. The computer provides specific information relating to the scene including specific contrast and how the contrast fits on the rendering target. The capture software application can integrate your understanding of lighting and optics in the studio, or the uncontrolled light of working in the field to produce emotive tonality for the target of choice. The computer also allows for various RAW translations before finalizing the capture to optimize exposure and developing intention, in third-of-a-percentage-point accuracy.

The size and style of computer used can vary according to location requirements and photographer preference.

MegaVision's Photoshoot software is the capture application. It's a refinement of the original 1987 capture app, used to shoot the world's first commercially available digital camera. It includes features that are practical for the making of pictures, and an interesting pallet of tools that are tailored for making the most of the photographer's vision. We refer to this workflow as the making of considered transition of tone.

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