Unleash the full spectrum

Sample Applications

National Gallery of Denmark - Virgin and Child with a Patron

Measure and identify additions, alternations, and color pigments.

Identify hidden sketches

Walters Art Museum - Bonvin
Fayum Mummy Portrait

Study potential forgeries

University of Mississippi Ole Miss - 77.3.927_Hadrian_coin

Combine coins and spectral light

Martellus map. Previously hidden text on a 500-year old map reveals new clues about the cartographer’s sources and its influences on important maps that came later. Images by Lazarus Project / MegaVision / RIT / EMEL, courtesy of the Beinecke Library, Yale University

Explore unseen maps

Reveal invisible charts

Processed Natural
Archivio Capitolare Vercelli - Mappamundi
University of Mississippi Ole Miss - Gold Pledge Tablet

See inscriptions and fine details

On any surface

University of Mississippi Ole Miss - Bronze Manumission