Spectra the Hut

A mobile spectral imaging system that fits in a small hut, providing its own black out method.

A spectral imaging system that fits into a suitcase.

  • All the benefits of modern multispectral imaging, from a device that can sit on your desktop.
  • Leave the room lights ON! Multispectral imaging on your desktop.
Digital BackMegaVision monochrome digital back, options include:
50 Mpixel E7,
39 Mpixel E6,
11 Mpixel E427i.
Camera BodyMegaVision’s Spectra the Hut camera or variety of 2X3 and 4X5 technical
cameras. Camera includes computer controlled aperture
and shutter.
LensA range of optics are available, not the least of which is
MegaVision’s specifically designed 120 mm f4.5
hyperspectral lens which is apochromatic and parfocal over
the spectral range of 350nm – 1000nm.
Dynamic Range14bit/16bit ADC, 12 bits minimum per channel
File Size/imageBand Dependant on sensor:
16 bits 8 bits
50 Mpixel E7 100 Mbytes 50 Mbytes
39 Mpixel E6 78 Mbytes 39 Mbytes
11 Mpixel E427i 22 Mbytes 11 Mbytes
Capture RateTypically one image frame per 1 to 4 seconds, subject
to illumination constraints, sensor and computer
system configurations.
CCD/CMOS ArrayE7 8100 x 6200 pixels, 6.0 micron pixel size.
E6 7216 x 5412 pixels, 6.8 micron pixel size.
E427i 4000 X 2700 pixels, 9.0 micron pixel size
Equivalent Film Speed Adjustable100, 200, & 400 ISO.
ConnectivityE7: GigE
E427i & E6: IEEE 1394 Firewire 400
Capturing SoftwarePhotoShoot™, Windows 7, 10, 11 Pro 64bit

MegaVision Spectra the Hut

Spectra the Hut provides its own blackout method so that you can leave the room lights on.

Who is it for?

Institutions and individuals who aim to achieve an unprecedented level of performance for multispectral documentation, forensics, scientific imaging, and fine-art photography.