LightSheet Panel

The multispectral LightSheet™ panel of MegaVision, the technological world leader for active LED multispectral lighting and camera systems, expands the range of high-end applications in the fields of science and Cultural Heritage. It has a maximum illumination size up to 35,5 cm x 38,1 cm x (14 “x 15″). The LightSheet™ panel is modular: Light Bar and a Light Guide panel (sheet). The light bar houses the LEDs, LED controller, and computer interface. It is about 51cm x 2.5 cm x 5 cm (20″ x 1″ x 2”).

Thanks to low power light emission LED-active lighting does not expose these objects to the risk of damage due to excessive light or heat.

Processed image of trasmissive light source. Sinai Georgian NF13 59r, St. Catherine's Monastery, Sinai. Used with permission.
The standard LightSheet™ panel includes four wavelengths: 490nm, 590nm, 730nm and 940nm. On request, different multispectral wavelength between 350nm and 1050nm can be integrated. Single wavelength with manual control is available as well.
With the LightSheet™ Panel, MegaVision expands its multispectral lighting portfolio to transmissive light. The Mega Vision EV system has become the standard of Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities multispectral examinations. When analyzing papyri, parchment, paintings, drawings or even Ostraca, LED active multispectral light ensures precise results in research.
Color bands (nm)490, 590, 730 and 940
Size51cm x 2.5 cm x 5 cm (20″ x 1″ x 2″)
Sheet Max35,5 cm x 38,1 cm (14 “x 15”)
Sheet Thickness3mm max
Computer InterfaceUSB – Win7/Win10
Power20w @ 12V
Connector for power Lemo or 5.5-2.5 Barrel
Weight850 grams (30 Oz)

Thanks to low power light emission LED-active lighting does not expose these objects to the risk of damage due to excessive light or heat.

The LightSheet™ light guide is a thin sheet of transparent acrylic that is available in a range of sizes up to about 35,5 cm x 38,1 cm x (14″x 15″). The sheets are less than 3mm thick, enabling them to be inserted between the pages of bound manuscripts and in other restricted locations. The light guide sheet distributes light in such a way that light inserted along one edge of the sheet is released uniformly over the surface of the sheet.

The sheet and the bar are joined by inserting an edge the sheet into a slot along the narrow side of the bar. Inserting and removing the sheet takes only a few seconds, so the sheet and the bar may be conveniently packaged for transport and field work, and different sized sheets are easily exchanged.

The introduction of the LightSheet™ panel adds the new dimension of transmission to MegaVision’s unparalleled exploitation of reflection and emission. The LightSheet™ Panel expands our MegaVision EV system to an even more comprehensive multispectral solution: Ideal for scientific, forensic, and cultural heritage applications such as detecting hidden text, underdrawings, watermarks or the authentication of drawings or engravings etc.

In conjunction with the dual Filter Wheel and raking light options, the transmissive light of the LightSheet™ Panel is extending the measuring modalities.

Who is it for?

Institutions such as museums, galleries, libraries, law enforcement agencies, and commercial insurance will find much to like about the LightSheet™ panel. Multispectral transmissive light can help detect hidden secrets in washed out or faded ink, redacted or obliterated writing, degraded parchments, charred papyri and faded watermarks.