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E-Series Digital Backs

Included in latest PhotoShoot 4.0 Installer

S-Series Digital Backs

Included in latest PhotoShoot 1.5 and 3.6.3 Installers

T-Series Digital Backs

T32 Driver included in latest PhotoShoot 3.6.3 Installer

T2 Driver

Software Installers

PhotoShoot 4.0 is Windows Vista compatible
Macintosh software is not OSX compatible

Software for Windows

PhotoShoot 4.0*

Previous Versions:
1.50, 1.43, 1.4, 1.31

Software for Macintosh

PhotoShoot 3.6.3

PhotoShoot 3.0

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Old but not forgotten

Legacy Products

MegaVision Ophthalmology Cameras


The E1-i-RIC (Retinal Image Capture)  digital camera back is designed exclusively for non-mydriatic capture of retinal images with low power xenon flash illuminant. 

E1-i-RIC description and specifications

The E2-i RIC is a 4 Mega-Pixel back which is optimized for use in fundus photography. 

E2-i-RIC description and specifications

The E3 is  both the image quality  leader of Fluoresceine angiography and  the workhorse of a busy retinal imaging suite. 

E3 description and specifications

The E427-i  provides the highest resolution possible in color mydriatic fundus photography. 

E427-I description and specifications

MegaVision OEM Scientific

The E4 is built around a  36mm square, 16 megapixel (4096 x 4096)  full-frame CCD.  The E4 offers  enhanced quantum efficiency and improved image quality at higher spatial frequencies, lower noise for improved contrast in areas of high density, and anti-blooming protection to prevent image bleed from over exposure in regions near deep shadows. The image sensor with its large imaging area and relatively large pixel size provides the sensitivity, resolution and contrast necessary for various high quality image applications. The E4 is available in both color and monochrome.

E4 description and specifications

The E6 is MegaVision’s 39 megapixel solution to uncompromising medium format digital image capture.  With a full frame sensor that is twice the size of full frame 35mm format, the E6 provides image quality impossible to match with smaller format image captures.  With an image area of 37mm X 49mm, the E6 can take advantage of the best technical camera lenses.    With a data rate of 24mpixels/second, an image is transferred from the E6 to a host computer in just over 2 seconds. 

E6 description and specifications

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